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Kenneth P. Litz - Rotterdam Town Justice - Dedicated to Fairness

For the past twenty-eight years, I have had the privilege and pleasure of serving as a member

of the Judiciary and serving the residents of the Town of Rotterdam as their Town Justice. This

opportunity has been very enjoyable, rewarding and gratifying in that it has allowed me to give

back to the community that I have lived in nearly all of my life and that has served me so well. I

have attempted to apply my thirty-eight years of legal experience and background to a complex

court system and provide a thoughtful and even-handed application of the law to individual and

community problems for all those who come before the bench regardless of their situation in

life or political affiliation.

During the years that I have served as your Town Justice I have watched the volume and serious

nature of the offenses that our Justice Court handles on a yearly basis grow tremendously to

the point where the Rotterdam Justice Court is one of the busiest in the State of New York.

Despite this tremendous case load, I believe and would respectfully submit that the Rotterdam

Justice Court has maintained the same high level of service and performance that this

community has become accustomed to and undoubtedly deserves. Throughout my tenure as

Town Justice I have strived to have our Justice Court not only be accessible to our citizens but

also to educate them as to the workings of our legal system, its place in our society and its

impact on all of our daily lives. All of this has been accomplished due to a very competent and

dedicated court staff together with the implementation of the latest technological advances available to the court system.

During my tenure as Town Justice I have had the responsibility of presiding over tens of

thousands of cases not only in the Town of Rotterdam, but also the Schenectady City Court and

the Princetown Town Court. I have endeavored and have made it my priority to treat all those

who have come before the bench with dignity and fairness without regard to race, sex, color,

creed, sexual orientation, cultural background, religious beliefs, station in life, prejudice or bias

of any kind, keeping in mind the following principle. When an individual comes before the

bench having an issue with our system of justice, they are entitled to have that issue resolved in

a fair, impartial and humane manner.

I look forward to serving our community for the next four years and I am humbled by your

continued support.