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Dominick is a Regional Manager with the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) and has been with the NFSA since 2001. As the senior Regional Manager and an Instructor with the NFSA, his passion lies in educating the public, government officials, and fire protection professionals about technical aspects, codes and standards, and the facts and benefits of the fire sprinkler concept. Dominick works closely on legislative issues both at state and local levels. As a senior employee, Dominick travels and communicates across the United States working with Regional Managers on their regional key issues as well.

Dominick began with the fire service in 1974 in suburban northern New Jersey achieving several years in the officers’ ranks and obtaining certifications in Firefighter I, II, and III, Fire Inspector I and II in NJ as well as National Fire Academy Fire Officer II. He also certification as a NJ Fire Instructor I and II and NJ State Police Hazardous Materials Instructor while employed at the Bergen County (NJ) Fire Academy as a primary fire instructor. Dominick also has experience in law enforcement with the US Army Military Police, two reserve police officer positions in NJ, and is a graduate of the Bergen County Police Reserves Academy. He gained experience in legislative matters as a volunteer advocate with the Pennsylvania Fire & emergency Services

Institute by promoting not only firefighter issues, but also adoption of the first statewide Pennsylvania building code.

Dominick is an NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist®, a NY State certified Code Enforcement Official, and

serves on the NFPA 1031 “Inspector and Plans Examiner” Committee and the NFPA 101 & 5000 sub-committee

for “Educational and Day Care Occupancies”, and is a former member of the Board of Directors for the NFPA

Fire Service Section. Dominick is formerly an instructor for the International Codes Council, served on the ICC

International green Construction Code® Energy & Water Subcommittee, served on the American Water Works

Association (AWWA) Fire Protection Committee and represents the NFSA on the United States Green Building

Council, serves as Staff Liaison to the NFSA Green Construction Committee. Dominick also serves as on the

Board of Directors for the Metro NYC Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE).

Aside from daily duties in membership, addressing business related issues, operating the NFSA Empire Chapter,

scheduling seminars in several states, and working with contractors, professionals, and code officials in

understanding the fire sprinkler concept, Dominick has several focus areas he is tasked with for the NFSA with

most concentration on Green Construction, Water Purveyor Issues, Training, and Tort Reform.

Dominick has been awarded commendations in both the fire service and the military as he has also spent four

years active duty serving in HAWK Missiles and 101st Airborne in the U.S. Army. Honorably Discharged in Jan


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